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-- As the end of the year and the holidays are approaching, our minds want to focus on all the festivities of the holidays. In regards to the holidays, we all want to make sure we are focused at work so we can all make it safe home to our families and loved ones. Stay alert, stay focused and stay attentive. Not all only for you and your family but your railroad brothers and sisters as well.  


In regards to several incidents and issues, be aware that management will be out testing. Remember that when you are coming up to a signal, you are sure of what the signal aspect is and also make sure you are practicing cab red zone when appropriate to ensure safety and awareness of your signals. Also, look out for a future notice of new verbiage on calling out signals when on "non ptc" trains. Lastly, focus as well when taking shoves that you are only communicating with your engineer and no one else. 


Lets all stay alert, know our rules and work safely!

-- Vacations are listed for El Paso Switchmen and El Paso East Trainmen. No word yet on El Paso West but it should be coming out soon. 

-- Superintendent bulletin came out today stating that we submit a claim and be marked up in yard by/on 12.31.18 to have PL days for 2019. Revised yard agreement states otherwise that it would automatically be granted if eligible. Clarification is being attained. But Yardmen still have to be marked up on 12.31.18 in a yard job to qualify. 

               --UPDATE: No non-service claim needs to submitted by yardmen to obtain 2019 PL days. 

-- 2018 Christmas party sponsored by Mr. Chip Raab was a great success. With over 100 people in attendance, attendances ate, responsibly drank and danced. Loads of fun. Some photos have been uploaded. Hopefully next year you can join us in the festivities.


-- Congratulations Roman Elizondo on winning the YETI cooler. All earnings went to support our brother Cory Castle. Thank you all for your participation. 











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