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-- Hope everyone had Happy New Year, even if someone us were working. Nevertheless, it is a new year. Let us start it right and safe. Many of us have to use PL days and vacation days early in the year and some one us, unfortunately haven't earned those days. So please let us be cognitive of our attendance. 

-- 2018-19 study guide has been uploaded. One, which is two parts, was hand written by one of our trainman (Thank you for your help) and the other also provided by one of our trainmen but constructed through the CRAM app.

Android: CRAM APP

-- As you have noticed many changes have come our way, primarily in the yard, and right now we need to adhere to our agreements even more so. ie. Take your lunch between 4.5 hrs and 5.7 (5:40hrs). Kicking is not mandatory.  Furthermore a supplemental board has been created. A special meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 22 to answer questions regarding this board. Note you can't bump onto this board from the road. Restrictions: You must remain in a craft (yard or road) for 60 days. The only exception to this rule is if you have no seniority options in that craft.  - SW Hub Agreement

                ** A new yard matrix has been uploaded depicting the yard changes. 

--January has been a rocky month for us all with many changes in the yard, particularly at Alfalfa. This new regime is bringing in many tactics in try to show us whose boss. Be on time, avoid uncompensated lay off, if possible (as many charge letters have been recently sent out), work by the rules. As you all know, there was a major derailment on the west end of Alfalfa and as a result we will have, I am assuming, rules changes and managers testing like crazy. 

   In addition to the attendance and on time tactic, jobs at Alfalfa have been abolished, reestablished and abolished again. We are trying to get information prior these changes but the bosses are trying to show they are the boss. The supplemental board was removed as quickly as it appeared and many are on the bump board. Newly marked up switchman/conductors, mark up ASAP work ONE DAY alone so your derail may begin. If for some reason, you are unable to hold anything please contact Brandy with Manpower to get on the CR50 retention board. For additional information, PLEASE make an effort to attend our meeting. Knowledge is power.  

   On that note, we will be officially moving out of our lodge at 905 Dallas St. and will be holding meetings at the Hampton Inn on Gateway Blvd. W. 

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