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--  Many changes primarily in the yard have been made stay posted on here and attend union meetings. 

-- Updated Yard matrix has been uploaded. 



        FRA has redacted their statements that a two-person crew is required to run a train safely, which is not only a major threat to our communities, where trains transporting hazardous material pass through, but also a threat to our jobs, our livelihood.   U.S. rep Don Young (R-Alaska) introduced the Safe Freight Act into legislation (H.R. 1748) requiring that two certified crew members operate freight trains on U.S rails. He understands this piece of legislation is necessary to protect railroad workers and, of course, the American public. 

       As of April 2019 there were 30 cosponsors to the H.R. 1748. Please contact your congress person via this link, where a pre-written email can be sent to him/her letting them know where you stand on this. 

Legislative Action Center - Smart Union


Furthermore there is a nationwide petition, that would be very beneficial if you sign and share so that the Whitehouse can take a look at this. 


MANDATE MINIMUM 2 MAN TRAIN CREWS NATIONWIDE | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

-- A special meeting is being conducted on June 18, 2019 hosted by our union brothers from the Local 1571 (BNSF) at the Great American Steakhouse 9800 Gateway North at approximately 1300 hrs to meet and discuss the railroad crew size bill H.R 1748 with our SMART State Legistlative Director Kameron Saunders. Let show our support. 


-- We do have a new Sr MTO Blaine Hatchell. Have not heard good things about this guy. Please dot i and cross your tees. BE SAFE!

                              First Name     Blaine

                              Middle Name E

                              Last Name      Hatchell

                              Title                Sr Mgr Terminal Ops

                              Department     TRNSP SOUTHERN RGN 70

                              Last Hire Date Jun 21, 2004

                              Employee ID    0411019

                              Location           PINE BLUFF, AR

                              Email                BEHATCHE@UP.COM

                              Business Phone  (915)534-5616

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