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Oct 2018:

   --Elections are coming up soon. Officer nominations can be submitted during October's morning meeting. 

   --Join us to ask about what is going with this CSX regime change. We will be more than happy to answer any questions. Unless you hear from us. Don't worry. Uncertainty is always a bit alarming but rest assured your union is fighting for you behind the scenes. 

   --The results for the raffle tickets. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who participated in selling and buying tickets. We had a great turnout. A big thank you goes to Fermin Acosta for donating the tickets. It was a great help for Tom Black's family. 


The winner of the raffle goes to Mike Martinez. Congratulations and hope you have fun at the game! 

   --Meet our new occupational nurse, if you haven't already done so.  Daniel Marquez was hired in September. Here is his contact information. Phone: (575) 502-3116 (work), (915) 493-0092 (cell)

   --Vacation bids are up for 2019; however, additional information is to come during the October meeting which is at 0900 hours on the 31st. 

   --As you may already know there have been some changes in within the Sunset Service Unit.  We should know by now that Union  Pacific is in constant change. However, just because the company is making changes, it does not mean our agreement changes. Our side of the agreement is still intact until we hear otherwise. We need to stop believing the rumors that are being spread. When it is a fact, you will hear it from us. As of now, our agreement is still in effect and we must follow it. Nothing has changed in our side.

Remember, we are union and we have a union agreement and without it, we are not better off. It is important to understand it and learn it so we know what to do at times like these. 

We will provide more information as it comes in. Please attend our coming meeting on October 31st, 2018 at our new time 9:00 am.

   --We will be having a fundraiser for Ruben Torres's family. Selling menudo, October 28th, for $7 which includes everything. You can pick up the menudo or delivery will be provided depending on order. 

Please pre-order so we can have an idea of how much menudo to made. You can text Cat at 915-433-9157 or Liz at 915-490-0802 for your order(s).

Just remember, this is for a good cause. The Torres Family needs all the help we can provide for them. It has been a difficult time but the road to victory is only helping them with your help.

   --As usual boards have been adjusted (every Tuesday) but unfortunately a newly marked up trainmen have been placed on the bumpboard. We don't have all the answers right now but please make plans to join us at meeting October 31st at 0900 hrs. 

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